Wedding Trends for 2015

Wedding Trends for 2015

For the happy couples who have decided to make 2015 the year of their wedding, there are many exciting new trends underway. As Debra Witt of Bridal Guide says, “there’s a strong spirit of individualism in the air this new year, with couples keen on infusing their ceremonies and receptions with personality—their own.”

This year’s brides and grooms are even more interested in having their weddings reflect who they are as couples. They want their weddings to be unique, while still retaining a traditional elegance and managing to provide an element of fun for their guests. Some of the more talked about trends for 2015 are:

  • Many couples plan to increase their use of social media this year. More than just posting pictures, many couples are even allowing guests to follow the entire experience, by creating their very own hashtags.
  • The appeal of British influences such as Princess Kate and the television show Downton Abbey are expected to have an effect on style choices, such as the decor, use of flowers and al fresco dining.
  • Groom cakes are expected to make a bigger splash this year. Cakes that are realistically designed in shapes such as footballs, gaming consoles and more are popular.
  • While photo booths continue in their popularity, other options such as caricature and silhouette drawings by an on-site artist are growing in appeal.
  • A more family oriented atmosphere is becoming more popular. Family-style dining is a natural way of encouraging more guest interaction with each other.
  • Couples, more than last year, are interested in filling the menu with the foods that they enjoy the most. What better way is there to reflect their personalities, than sharing their favorite foods? Tasting stations are a big hit--and a big opportunity for guests to try samples of the bride and groom’s traditional family recipes.