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  • Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co.
  • Model Number: 1114

Frozen slushes can be enjoyed by all ages making it the perfect addition to your business! The frozen drink machine features slush density controls per 3.7 gallon bowl. The stand-by switch allows product to be kept overnight. With fresh, colorful graphics, a new push/pull handle to dispense, deeper drip trays and improved seals, this drink machine is right for all kinds of venues and events!

  • Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co.

It's a blossom, it's colossal, it's bloomin' – no matter what you call it, it's a signature seller that’s easy to cut and cook. With a quick push, this amazing onion cutter perfectly preps your oversized onion. Add the #4191 Deep-Fried Onion Mix, and watch it open up to crispy, onion goodness when it hits the oil in a #8073 King 9 Fryer. Don't forget the #8077 Long-Handled Fryer Skimmer Basket! Colossal-size onions, colossal-size profits.

Prep your oversized onion in one push
Add our #4191 Deep-Fried Onion Mix for a perfect bloomin' onion every time

  • Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co.
  • Model Number: 1417

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine w/ Cart.  Includes 1x Bag of Mix! 

  • Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co.

Funnel Cake Fryer with Cart and Accessories.  Don't forget cake mix, plates, propane and more!

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  • Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co.
  • Model Number: 5300

Maintains air tight control over your cheese sauce, extracting more out of every bag and extending the cheese life. Virtually no cleaning internally, because the cheese never touches the machine parts. Faster loading, easy to line up the pump. There is even space for a second bag to preheat inside. Now with three button dispensing control, adjustable settings, and improved air flow. This Cheese Dispenser works with almost any brand of bagged cheese. For best results, use Gold Medal bagged cheese #5278 or #5279