Product Info

37-Ton Log Splitter

  • Manufacturer: Dosko
  • Model Number: 3700LS

Our log splitters are built powerful and rugged to make lightwork of even the toughest jobs.


  • Large Log Table: A large steel log table reduces strain caused by bending down to pick up split wood. Our log splitter tables are placed at a comfortable working height of 34.5" and are slightly sloped toward the wedg so logs stay in place while splitting.
  • Splitting Wedge: A narrow to wide, 16-carriage bolt wedge design splits and separates logs more effectively.
  • Covered Hydraulic Hoses: Nylon hydraulic hose sleeve comes standard and provides protection from: abrasive wear that can damage the hose, accidental spraying from pinhole leaks, sunlight which can break down the rubber
  • Heavy-Duty Log Dislodger: Log dislodger helps eject any log that sticks to the wedge, protecting the control valve and other hydraulic components.
  • Heavy-Duty Fenders: Increased tire protection is provided by durable steel fenders. Built to withstand the impact from dropped logs, this added protection comes standard.
  • Large Hydraulic Fluid Capacity: The large, 12 gallon capacity hydraulic reservoir keeps the system running cooler.
  • Engine Guard: Standard engine guard provides added protection from dropped logs.
  • Auto Idle Reduction: Auto idle reduction reduces fuel consumption, prolongs engine life and reduces operating noise.
  • Lift Handles: Two handles make transitioning the splitter between the horizontal and vertical positions safer and easier.
  • Portability; Log splitter is tow-ready with a 2" ball coupler for transport behind your vehicle. Maximum highway towing speed is 55 MPH; maximum gravel road towing speed is 45 MPH. Our log splitters are built powerful and rugged to make light work of even the toughest jobs.
  • Rubber Torsion Axle: Rubber torsion axle reduces shock and vibration in transport.