Product Info

Deep-Fried Onion Cutter

  • Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co.

It's a blossom, it's colossal, it's bloomin' – no matter what you call it, it's a signature seller that’s easy to cut and cook. With a quick push, this amazing onion cutter perfectly preps your oversized onion. Add the #4191 Deep-Fried Onion Mix, and watch it open up to crispy, onion goodness when it hits the oil in a #8073 King 9 Fryer. Don't forget the #8077 Long-Handled Fryer Skimmer Basket! Colossal-size onions, colossal-size profits.

Prep your oversized onion in one push
Add our #4191 Deep-Fried Onion Mix for a perfect bloomin' onion every time