Product Info

Classic Brass trim Buffet Service

  • Manufacturer: Vollrath
  • Model Number: 46050

Classic style, attention to detail and Vollrath craftsmanship make this line a perennial favorite.


  • Solid cast brass leg and handles
  • Mirror-finished 18-8 stainless steel
  • Clear coated brass trim to deter discoloration
  • Chafers include food pan, water pan, dome cover and fuel holder(s)
  • Classic Brass Trim Roll Top Chafer (46051). Add the elegance of a roll top cover to this Classic Brass chafer. Smooth rolling cover opens a full 90 to allow easy access. -Cover (46052) fits most full-size chafers that use standard dripless water pan securely without clips or brackets and lifts off for quick food replenishment.
  • Classic Brass Trim Coffee Urn (46029). Removable faucet for easy cleaning
  • Classic Brass Trim Soup Marmite (46075). Includes separate inset, water pan, cover and fuel holder. Notched cover so serving utensil can remain in vessel for maximum sanitation.